Comment of the Day (Part Deux): Crispin Somebody Strikes Back

By Kiran Aditham 

So this may or may not be unprecedented on AgencySpy to sport dueling comments of the day. But as we bleed into the 16th, this spot for MS 7 caused a little furor and resulted in this stellar retort where someone we guess outed themselves as a Crispin staffer (ID’d as Mattim) and defended the new Windows 7 spot. It began as nicely as this:

“Love it. C’mon all you haters, lighten up. It’s an ad for an operating system. And it’s hilarious, informative and adorable.”

And as tension mounted, escalated into this:

“Dear Pinky and Dumb Ass,
It was just my opinion. But since you are so insanely talented, please come to CP+B and share your brilliance with all of us. Talk to Wendy our recruiter, get a job, march into Rob and Andrew’s office and tell them how to make better ads. Please, we are all waiting for your glory. I should have known better than to comment on Agency Spy and get mixed up with loser creatives whose lack of talent lead them to a website where they bitch at those of us actually producing work. I hope someday you get to work on a high profile account at a top tier agency. Really, I do.”

This is late-night television folks, just deal with it. You can read the whole thread here.

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