Coke Zero is Under the Assumption that You Still Like, Respect Metallica

By Bob Marshall 

Yesterday, metal legends and running joke Metallica performed a concert at Antarctica’s Carlini Scientific Base to 120 people in a transparent dome of some sort. Of the 120 attendees, 20 were scientists from Russia, Korea, China, Poland, Chile, Brazil and Germany. These winners of “Music Zero” “enjoyed the talent of Metallica in a quite exceptional way: through headphones, to respect the harmony of the environment,” which…wait, what?

It’s impossible to blame anyone at the concert for rocking out at this concert. After all, once you get bored of watching penguins slide around on their stomachs, there’s not a lot entertaining that happens on the most-desolate of continents. But, I have to wonder, why is a brand that seems to target college-aged youth trying to make a statement with a band like Metallica, who the average millennial may remember first from their douche-y drummer getting pissy about Napster and again from the 2004 couples therapy session, Some Kind of Monster?


Now, this could be a sign of things changing at Coke Zero, and a decision from on high to start marketing to a consumer who remembers that Metallica was actually a pretty solid band pre-Load. It’s also very possible that Coke Zero had some money to burn and no other band was willing to travel to Antarctica to throw a concert. But, in a world where metal is getting an awesome resurgence via bands like METZ, Deafheaven, and Liturgy, there’s gotta be a better alternative to Metallica. Set list after the jump.

Creeping Death

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Sad but True

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Master of Puppets



Nothing Else Matters

Enter Sandman

Seek & Destroy