Coke Embraces Emojis to Drive Web Traffic

By Kiran Aditham 

In an effort to keep up with the kids while sticking to its longstanding “Happiness” mantra, Coca-Cola Puerto Rico has found a solution: registering URLs for every emoji that conveys happiness. Hence, we have smiling icons, that were created that direct you, the mobile user, to Coke’s Puerto Rican website.

Regarding the “Emoticoke” effort — which was created by EJE DDB — Coca-Cola brand manager Andrea Puig says:


“Coca-Cola seeks to create emotional connections in an innovative way, evolving according to what consumers adopt to relate to each other, so we saw the opportunity to adopt the popular ’emojis’ to promote the expression of happiness that sets us apart.”

Yes, even our soft drink overlords have embraced the era of mobile emotional expression. The future will be written in smiley faces.


Client: Coca-Cola Puerto Rico

Agency: EJE DDB

Chief Creative Officer: Enrique Renta

Creative Director: Santiago Cuesta

Associate Creative Director: Ricardo Uribe

Copywriters: Santiago Cuesta, Ricardo Uribe, Juan Romero, Nuria De La Banda

Art Director: Jesse Echevarria, Luis Figueroa

VP Managing Partner: Edgardo Manuel Rivera

Account Executive: Alexandra Ramírez

PR Account Executive: Jennifer González

Digital Director: Janette Robles

Digital Planning: José Ramón González, Anadys Félix

Programmer: Daniel Sáenz

Video: Alejandro Ussa