Coca-Cola Teases ‘Make it Happy’ Big Game Ad from W+K

By Erik Oster 

Coca-Cola has released a series of teasers for its “Make It Happy” Super Bowl ad from Wieden + Kennedy which manage to keep the spot a bit of a mystery.

In the 30-second “Reactions” (featured above) for example, people are showed reacting to the ad with what we assume is meant to be a kind of surprised awe, ending with the line “The Internet May Never Be The Same.” The other two trailers, coupled with the #MakeItHappy hashtag and a rather cryptic press release make it clear that the brand’s big game ad will address “online negativity” (we have no idea what they could be referring to by this term) and position Coca-Cola as an opposing force to “Make It Happy.”


The brand will run its 60-second ad during the first quarter of the Super Bowl. Leading up to its unveiling, the brand will release four online vignettes featuring “personal stories of online negativity from teens and adults who have experienced it up close.” The first of these, focusing on Kid President, has already been uploaded to the brand’s YouTube page with Danica Patrick and Michael Sam set to appear as well. We’re also told the teaser clips, which will begin broadcasting today, offer glimpses of material that will appear in the final ad.

“We’re all surrounded by stories of online negativity, and it’s a concern that only continues to grow within society,” said Andy McMillin, VP and GM,Coca-Cola Trademark Brands, in a statement. “We hope this campaign inspires people across the country and around the world to show more positivity in their online actions, and to stop and think before posting a negative comment.”