Coca-Cola May Drop Agency Behind Facebook Flub

By Bob Marshall 

Earlier this week, Coca-Cola’s new social media campaign promoting Dr. Pepper invaded Facebook. Along with fun-loving status updates like, “Lost my special blankie. How will I go sleepies?” and “What’s wrong with peeing in the shower?” were references to everyone’s favorite internet meme, 2 Girls 1 Cup. Unfortunately for Coca-Cola, one UK 14-year-old’s status carried the X-rated subject matter, and her mother wasn’t too keen on her daughter referencing naughty girls and their cup-related endeavors.

Today, the Guardian is reporting Coca-Cola has put a hold on all ongoing work with the digital agency behind the campaign, Lean Mean Fighting Machine. Any further relationship with the agency is “currently under review” according to a Coke spokeswoman. This all comes shortly after the agency won the British Coke Zero account, so the timing really couldn’t be worse.

Unfortunately, this still doesn’t answer whether or not 2 Girls 1 Cup is real. (Sigh)

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