Cloudfactory and Strongbow Remix Nature

By Erik Oster 

Cloudfactory launched a new global campaign for cider brand Strongbow, entitled “Nature Remix,” with the first of seven coordinated “acts” in major cities around the world.

The first such “act” targeted an abandoned building in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Cloudfactory and Strongbow enlisted a troop of “guerilla gardeners” to turn the space into an apple orchard. The experiential effort is captured in a broadcast spot (above) in which one man remarks that the city’s children are so out of touch with nature that when he asked a group of kids where an apple comes from they told him, “It comes from the supermarket.” In addition to the ad, there is a series of digital spots profiling individual “guerilla gardeners.” The campaign is in promotion of the brand’s new range of “nature inspired” flavored ciders, such as Gold Apple, Honey, Red Berries, Elderflower and Dark Fruit. So the experiential “acts,” so there’s a direct brand goal behind getting city-dwellers more in touch with nature. In the coming months we’ll see what the brand has in store for other cities around the world, including Toronto and Prague.

“The zeitgeist among millennials is to try to make the world a better place to live, through a series of small actions that add up to more than the sum of their parts,” explained Jiri Rakosnik, global marketing manager, cider at Heineken (which owns Strongbow). “The new campaign takes this insight and invites consumers to bring nature back into their city in a creative and enjoyable way. Our launch in Johannesburg is just the beginning. We have future acts planned in Toronto, Bucharest, Bratislava, Prague, Lisbon and Vietnam.”