Climbing The Advertising Ladder In 2009

By SuperSpy 

These are the days. Well, for some of us anyway. There is a serious recession going on and agencies are desperate to get a leg up wherever they can get it – management, creative, strategy, accounts. That means that some folks are being “retired”, while down at the bottom of the pile, lots of bodies have been let go to save on cash. We’re going to call that whole process, “The Great Culling of 2009”

While some folks are sitting on the unemployment line, other cats are seeing an opportunity in the heave ho of the culling. A slew of mid-level creatives with a few awards under their belt, are making the leap to senior positions at other agencies. Senior level executives are hopping to top level management spots and all in the name of agency change and personal gain. Can’t blame them.


Just check out the list of recent movers:

Eric Silver left BBDO as an ECD in February to slide over to DDB as CCO.

Ernie Simon, Mindshare’s President of Strategic Planning, has shifted slightly up to OMD’s Chief Strategy Officer.

Sophie Kelly has left JWT as the executive management director of Diageo to head to StrawberryFrog as one of the management team of the agency.

Jamie King bounced from Senior vice president at Riney over to Co-President at his buddy’s shop, Steffan, at EuroRSCG Chicago.

And there are many, many more and many more to come. Keep your eye on it.

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