Cliff Freeman Drives Into A Ditch With The Prom King At The Wheel

By SuperSpy 

Cliff-Freeman. What will become of you? In October, the shop lost the Snapple account to Deutsch LA. The agency (like everyone else) had a recent round of lay-offs. Cliff Freeman recently told us that the shop is “going through a transition.” In November, the agency’s CEO of three years, Jeff McClelland, was pushed out. Now, they’ve also lost their Bonefish Grill client. According to the same article, another client, Quiznos, is also thinking about defecting and has been quietly talking to other shops.

So, what’s left? Baskin Robbins and Quamut, which is an online collection of how-to guides published by Barnes & Noble. What what? Is that even really a client? Does the agency actually see any revenue from … wait. What’s it called? Oh right. Quamut.

Scary times for Cliff Freeman. New CEO Clayton Ruebensaal III (no, I did not make that up), who was a senior account director at BBDO, has got to be thinking to himself – “Oh. Fuck.” Doesn’t he look young as hell? Young Buck! No. Nah, how about we call him “Prom King” from here on out? Anyway, Prom King has a few things working against him: the economy, low morale, harsh press and a staff that is not inclined to be friendly with him. We also hear that employees are attempting to jump ship, but where to go? Where to go?

Wonder how ECD Tom Christmann is holding up.

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