Clean Is Just the Beginning in FCB West’s New Spots for Clorox

By Erik Oster 

After FCB won creative duties on Clorox in April of 2016, FCB West crafted a salute to klutzes this spring.

The agency’s newest efforts for the brand similarly take a look at the messes as much as the cleaning. But this time the messes seem a lot more fun.

A series of new spots claim cleaning various services is “just the beginning,” ending with the tagline, “What comes next is everything.”


“A clean kitchen is just the beginning” opens with a man cleaning a kitchen counter with a Clorox wipe. From there the counter sees all kind excitement, from model volcano science projects to fresh red snapper to a cat and more…including a bit of a surprise ending.

Other spots apply the treatment to the bathroom (gummy bears on the rim of the bathtub seems like a bad idea, no?) and the classroom (kids’ desks get all manners of gross, after all). In each case, the ad shows how Clorox allows for a care free attitude toward such surfaces, since all it takes to clean is a quick wipe.

Lead Agency: FCB West
Chief Creative Officer: Karin Onsager-Birch
Associate Creative Director: Colin Mitchell
Senior Art Director: Juliana Ardilla
Worldwide Creative Partner: Fred Levron
Chief Strategy Officer: Simon White
Planning Director: Ryan Riley
EVP, Management Director: Cary Pierce
SVP, Management Director: Sue Redington
SVP, Management Director: Gwen Hammes
VP, Account Director: Sara Wallace
Senior Account Executive: Courtney Whiting
Account Executive: Raisa Callazo
VP, Director of Integrated Production: Elizabeth Morse
Post Producer: El Goco
Director of Business Affairs: Mary Marhula

Hispanic Market Agency: Alma
Creative Director: David Alvarez
Creative Director: Juan Camilo Valdivieso
Group Business Director: Maria Carolina Reimpell
Senior Brand Executive: Viviana Bustillo
Integrated Producer: Rafael Sanchez

Production Company: RESET
Director: Ian Pons Jewell
Executive Producer: Deannie O’Neal
Line Producer: Ahnee Boyd
Director of Photography: Mauro Chiarello

Post Production: Whitehouse
Executive Producer: Joni Williamson
Producer: Jen Mersis
Editor: Tobias Suhm
Assist Editors: Max Holste, Nick Diliberto

VFX/Online/Color: The Mill, Chicago
Producer: Natalie Ksiazek
Lead Flame Artist: Jamie Beckwith
Flame Assist: Alison Bloom
Colorists: Luke Morrison/Mikey Pehanich

Animation: Woodshop

Music: Music Orange

Sound Design: Tim Harrison – Aumeta

Mix: One Union
Engineer: Joaby Deal