Clay Matthews, Gillette Challenge Fans to Post ‘Predator Pose’ Pics

By Bob Marshall 

During his first two seasons in the league, Packers LB Clay Matthews was one of the most feared pass-rushers in the NFL. Then, as some of you know, the Packers defense spent last season derping around, ending the year with the 32nd ranked defense out of 32 teams. Add to that Matthews’ statistically worst season, and it was all really quite sad.

However, while Clay may not be known for crippling QBs anymore, he is still known for his trademark “Predator” pose, thanks in part to a spot from Verizon Wireless last year, which featured a bunch of Packers fans mimicking Matthews’ signature move in a variety of inappropriate public places. Perhaps inspired by Verizon, Gillette has tapped Matthews to hold a Predator Pose Challenge in a joint effort from Ketchum Sports, BBDO and Proximity. The above spot from Ketchum finds Clay with his lustrous, perpetually wet blonde mane awkwardly floating behind a green-screened locker room.

At Gillette’s Facebook page, users can take their own photos of themselves replicating Matthews’ pose, with each photo going toward a $1 donation to the Boys and Girls Club of America on behalf of Gillette. BBDO tells us the work they’ve done for the campaign is forthcoming, but I’m wondering if anyone can beat this woman from the Verizon spot: