Chrysler Changing the Game: $2.99 Gas Guarantee

By Matt Van Hoven 

As if a lifetime power-train warranty (that means engine) wasn’t enough, Chrysler at the beginning of this month announced its “Fuel Protection” bonus &#151 meaning buyers of fuel-efficient models can lock in $2.99 per/gal. gasoline for three years. Damn, Gina.

Whether or not the plan is working is yet to be seen, but anyone’s best guess is that when the economy is down and gas prices are up, a new vehicle may not be on the consumer’s mind. More after the jump.

What’s positive about the move is Chrysler (including Dodge and Jeep) is changing the rules of vehicle marketing. Sure, they really don’t have another choice given their recent loss of a certain namesake. Regardless, it’s the kind of move you expect to see from a newcomer, not one of the nation’s longest standing car manufacturers.

But is this the right focus for the fledgling company? Can it regain market standing with a few new tricks? Time will tell, we imagine. But with Volkswagen still on the cool kick and everyone else going green, at least Chrysler is doing something original (to selling cars).

Now, if only they didn’t have an old-fogie reputation to shake and manufactured some cars people actually want to be seen in…Ah, the perils of branding.