Christopher Nolan Never Dreamed of This

By Kiran Aditham 

The agency formerly known as T.A.G., agencytwofifteen, was asked to come up with a marketing program for pharma brand Help Remedies and here’s one of the end results. One of nine–yes, nine–spots were delivered for the “help I can’t sleep” campaign and the San Francisco-based shop honed in right on dreams (cue Inception music). Actually, these look more like fever dreams (but they’re still more linear than mine) but nonetheless, the 2-1-5 worked alongside Tool of North America and the Lifelong Friendship Society to showcase the nocturnal imaginations of everything from puppies to milkmaids.

Along with the spots (three more after the jump), agencytwofifteen developed a dream recommendation website and  worked with SF/Sweden-based interactive prodco We Are Licious to develop a dream recommendation app that will “record” a person’s dream and post them to Facebook, Twitter, etc. What is the target market, you ask? From our vantage point, it appears to be travelers, business types, insomniacs, etc. as the adverts will be shown on demand in hotels, in-flight, in 24-hour drugstores, on late-night TV, online, on a mobile website and on Duane Reade’s screens in New York’s Union Square.

No totems or kicks were involved in the making of this production. Check out credits and some of the others after jump.

Agency:  agencytwofifteen
Executive Creative Directors:  Scott Duchon, John Patroulis
Creative Directors:  Paul Caiozzo, Nathan Frank

Production Company:  Tool of North America (Balding, Friends, Picture, Udder)
Director:  Geordie Stephens

Production Company: Lifelong Friendship Society (Puppy, Chew Toy, Mountain, Salmonella, Chef)
Director:  Jason Jones

Editorial:  Arcade Edit
Editor:  Christjan Jordan (Balding, Friends, Picture, Udder, Mountain, Puppy, Chew Toy)
Editor:  Will Hasell (Chef, Salmonella)

VFX/Post:  Lifelong Friendship Society

Music:  Original Music by Human

Mix:  Matt Zipkin, One Union Recording Studios

Digital Production Company:  We Are Licious (mobile dream app & site developer)