Children’s Choir Does Rendition of ‘Donnie Darko’ Tune, Raises Awareness, Depresses Everyone

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Powerful, startling, strange or whatever adjective you’d throw out after viewing the above clip, we were somewhat affected by this effort from Germany’s Wuppertaler Kurrende Boy’s Choir  on behalf of the International Children’s Fund. Why was there a reason for this rendition of “Mad World,” a song made famous by Gary Jules on the Donnie Darko soundtrack but originally written by Tears for Fears? Well, today, Nov. 20, just happens to be Universal Children’s Day and the message here from Grey Dusseldorf is to make all of us aware of the fact that every three seconds, a child dies, be it from malnutrition, disease, etc. There’s nothing to be politicized with this group of vocal talents, just a reminder of a global plight. Credits after the jump.

Chief creative officer: Roland Vanoni

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