Chicago BlackHawks Hold An Open Call

By SuperSpy 

Hey small agencies that want to make your name, as well as big ones looking to bolster the roster in Chicago (DDB, Draft, et al)? You might want to take the Chicago Blackhawks up on their open door policy. The hockey club is looking for a brand new agency and have asked anyone (anyone?) interested to contact management directly (Chicago Blackhawks, 1901 W. Madison Street Chicago, IL 60612 – (312) 455-7000)

Some good things are happening with the Hawks apparently: seven players have been selected to play in the World Championships later this month in Halifax and Quebec City. Martin Havlat, their often injured go-to-guy, is looking to be back up to 100% for the upcoming season. They’ve got some new management by way of Chris Werner, senior executive director of ticket and business development, and Annie Camins, director of youth hockey. With all these exciting developments, now good time as to make your play.

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