Chicago Agencies, We’re Putting You On Notice.

By Kaitlin Madden 

In my brief tenure as an AgencySpy, I’ve quickly learned that a number of Chicago ad agencies don’t “allow” their people to talk to us, and even firewall the site. Well, Slaves To The Man, I think that is horseshit, and I am here to set you free! I’m going to find out-and call out-those closed-door policy agencies that don’t let their minions share and engage in the Professional and Authoritative forum we call AgencySpy.

Why? Because it’s your right to know what’s going on at your agency and in your industry. Did Timmy in your creative department get fired for taking too much Paternity Leave? About to get laid off and your top competitor is hiring? You’re privy to the conversation.

So, if you’ve heard about any of these old-school, control-freak, cynical little Chicago ad-firms, shoot me an email at agencyspychi at gmail dot com, and I’ll get to posting (of course, your anonymity will be protected, scout’s honor).

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