Chiat LA’s Becoming a Tight Knit Group

By Matt Van Hoven 

Sources familiar with the Chiat LA group of agencies tell us there’s some major merging going on with the Nissan team. Since the PR team hasn’t gotten back to us in the 24 hours that we’ve known about this, we’re going with what we’ve got.

&#151 Chiat’s Nissan teams are all merging into one: TBWA is merging Nissan agencies Chiat (lead ad), Tequila (digital adverts), Designory (interactive aor), Critical Mass.

We’re told the employees there already know and since we don’t have much more on this, we presume they’ve been asked to be all hush about it. Rumor has it Nissan/Infiniti demanded 50% fee cuts across all agencies and as a result, there will be layoffs at all of them.

Or there have been layoffs &#151 possibly this is what we reported a few weeks ago. Nonetheless, the Tequila integration is happening now. We’ll have more on this when it pops through.

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