Chi-Town Creative Outs Himself as Mastermind of Pro-Rio 2016 Site

By Kiran Aditham 

Kevin Lynch, a Chicago-based copywriter at Energy BBDO’s digital arm Proximity, has come forth as the creator of, a site in which Lynch turns his back on his hometown to lobby instead for Rio De Janeiro to be the site of the 2016 Olympics.

Lynch’s self-outing now debunks speculation that Brazilian backers of the Rio bid were the perpetrators. Lynch claims he bought the URL back in March, paying $50 for the web hosting and enlisting programming and design friends to help build it as a result of his waning support for the Chicago bid.

The mocking site includes factoids, video, a head-to-head graph and a comparison tally between Chicago and Rio city deficits. And to think the President went all the way to Denmark this week to lobby for the Windy City.

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