Check Out Twofifteenmccann’s Cinematic Campaign for Xbox One Exclusive ‘Ryse: Son of Rome’

By Erik Oster 

Ryse: Son of Rome “Path of Vengeance” from H.K. McCANN on Vimeo.

Twofifteenmccann’s new campaign for Xbox One exclusive “Ryse: Son of Rome” is cinematic in approach and scope.


At the heart of the campaign is the 60 second TV spot “Path of Vengeance” (featured above) which sees the game’s protagonist, Marius, “fight his way from the wilds of the Roman frontier in Brittania, across the Coliseum floor and into the Imperial Palace itself.” In one of the spot’s more interesting touches, the action is accompanied by whispers from Roman citizens spreading his legend. Twofifteen wanted to represent how in ancient Rome “deeds of epic heroism were quickly spread by word of mouth, and the story changed based on who was doing the telling,” which they mimicked with the differing accounts of Marius in the spot. It’s a nice, immersive little detail that’s telling of the overall approach to the campaign.

In addition to the TV spot, Twofifteenmccann, in conjunction with production company Smuggler, created a web series featured on Machinima. Entitled “The Fall,” the series features four, five-minute mini-epics detailing Marius’ backstory, history and motives. The agency claims that each installment is a “mini epic film unto itself.” While that may be overstating a point, this is a very large-scale approach to market the game, and “The Fall” is a solid accomplishment in its own right. It also succeeds quite well at making the game look badass, with what appears to be a pretty compelling story. You can check out the first installment of “The Fall” after the break, along with campaign credits. 


TV/Cinema: “Path of Vengeance”

Film Series:  “Funeral”

“Spirit of Vengeance”

“For the Love of Death”

“Palatine Hill”

Agency: twofifteenmccann

Creatives: James Robinson, Scott Duchon, Joe Rose, Steve Couture

Senior Producer: Hannah Murray

Senior Producer: Brandon Romer

Director of Integrated Production: Alex Spahr

Business Director: Peter Goldstein

Management Supervisor: Nathan Shamban

Account Executive: Niko DeMordaunt

Business Affairs Director: Mary Beth Barney


Production Company: Smuggler

Director: Brian Beletic

Director of Photography: Mihai Malaimare

Production Designer: David Lee

Line Producer: Malachy McAnenny

Partner: Brian Carmody

Chief Operating Officer: Lisa Rich

Bidding Producer: Lisa Tauscher


Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors

Editor: Biff Butler

Assistant Editor: Dan deWinter

Producer: Joanna Hall

Executive Producer: CL Weaver


VFX Studio: MPC

Creative Director: Paul O’Shea

VFX Supervisor:  Ryan Knowles

CG Supervisor: Ross Denner

Deputy Head of Production: Mike Wigart

VFX Producer (“Funeral”):  Phil Whalley

Production Coordinator: Summer McCloskey

Executive Producer: Asher Edwards, Lexi Stearn

Managing Director: Andrew Bell


Films Title Sequence: Prologue

Music Company Content Films: Andy Huckvale (“Funeral”, “Spirit of Vengeance”, “For the Love of Death”) and Human (“Palatine Hill”)

Music Company “Path of Vengeance”: Human

Sound Design: Brian Emrich

Mixing Studio: Lime Studios

Mixer: Rohan Young

Assistant: Jeff Malen