Cheapotle: The Denver Egotist Sticks it to Chipotle, Hard

By Matt Van Hoven 

The Denver Egotist is raving mad about the new Chipotle campaign (see above), which started in ye olde Denver. They’re so upset because, frankly, the campaign sucks. The old irreverent stuff was fantastic and thanks to the economy the Chip folks thought some new stuff was needed, including a menu change (which just rolled out nationally).

Either you love Chipotle or hate it, but those who like it will probably tell you the menu doesn’t need changing.

And now the Egotist has created Cheapotle, a Chipotle lover’s fists of fury funneled into a site that makes fun of the new work and allows you to submit your “this is why the new campaign sucks” work, in the form of posters/billboards/blimps all done up a la irreverent Chipotle ads.

Well done, sir(s). Send your letters to Butler Shine, Stern.

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