Charlie Puth Joins Megan Thee Stallion in Teasers for Flamin’ Hot Super Bowl Campaign

By Kyle O'Brien 

Last week, Megan Thee Stallion was announced as a star in a first-ever Super Bowl spot for Frito-Lay’s Flamin’ Hot line of products, which include Doritos and Cheetos. Now she is being joined by singer Charlie Puth as both stars witness mysterious break-ins to their on-set trailers by a snack-loving creature.

In the first teaser, Flamin’ Hot drops more clues hinting what’s to come in the Super Bowl spot with the Hot Girl Summer artist. Megan is seen on set where it appears that something has taken over her trailer, as viewers see a long-clawed furry arm removing her name from the trailer.

A second teaser Puth displaying his beatboxing skills before he notices that there’s someone or something in his trailer. He enters to see that his snack stash has been raided, and all that’s left behind are red Flamin’ Hot “Cheetle” paw prints.

This is the first time that Flamin’ Hot will have its own in-game spot featuring both Doritos and Cheetos brands.

The campaign features a new recently-launched flavor, Doritos Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch. This also comes on the heels of Lay’s announcing its return to the big game after a 17-year hiatus, with Seth Rogan (or lack thereof) as a star.