Charcuterie Gets a Rebrand Following Creminelli and Daniele Merger

By Kyle O'Brien 

When charcuterie brands Creminelli and Daniele merged in January of 2020, it formed one of the U.S.’s largest producers of charcuterie, Charcuterie Artisans. Now, the brand that emerged from that merger has gotten a makeover by independent Milwaukee agency Hanson Dodge.

Del Duca, the established prosciutto brand, is now the unified brand name for the Daniele line of products. The Daniele name will be phased out but the Creminelli line will remain.

Del Duca’s old (left) and new branding.


“Our research revealed just how much Del Duca was punching above its weight in terms of awareness and equity measures. We knew we were sitting on something special—and the decision to consolidate behind Del Duca was unanimous,” Eric Schwartz-Johnson, chief marketing officer at Charcuterie Artisans told Adweek.

As for the new Del Duca brand, Hanson Dodge is bringing it to the public with a brand platform of “Togetherness Food.” It’s meant to bring people together over good food and be an approachable, high-quality go-to nosh for friends and family gatherings.

The new Del Duca website features people getting together as part of its “Togetherness Food” platform.

Initially, the creative includes new packaging imagery, logo design and website development. It uses fresher colors unique to the charcuterie category—and employs a simpler font and distinctive imagery inspired by the Tuscan landscape, while also retaining the brand’s original medallion and ribbon. In addition to the new look, all Del Duca products will be manufactured without using synthetic nitrates or nitrites.

The new website addresses both the history of the brand and the new direction of togetherness.

The rebrand was informed and inspired by research with the brand’s consumers.

“In our journey to understand the Daniele/Del Duca consumer, we learned that the purpose of our products—our role in the lives of people—is to elevate the time spent with loved ones. The idea that Del Duca is what people serve when getting together with folks they may see just once a year is just so energizing and humbling. To be trusted in moments like that is an awesome responsibility—and it’s all the inspiration we’ll ever need,” said Schwartz-Johnson.

Hanson Dodge is Del Duca’s agency of record and will continue to be involved in the brand’s marketing efforts going forward as the brand continues to evolve.