Celebs Encourage New Moms to ‘Whip Out’ Their Breasts

By Bob Marshall 


It’s Natural Breastfeeding Month if you haven’t heard, so it’s time we took a moment to appreciate boobs. For the next couple of days, it is socially acceptable to bring up the functionality of breasts at the office, the gym or at the local tavern. If celebrities can be this frank about their God-given physical characteristics, so too should the average woman.

The “Whip ‘Em Out” viral campaign from expectant mothers’ site TheBump.com is using celebrity moms as varied as Kelly Rutherford (from Gossip Girl), Lisa Loeb (from the 90s and a guest appearance on Gossip Girl) and Ali Landry (from those sexy Doritos ads) to describe their experiences in breastfeeding. TheBump.com is also featuring interviews with the individuals in the PSAs, encouraging new mothers to partake in breastfeeding not only for the bonding experience, but also for its medical and economic benefits.

So go ahead, mothers, whip out your breasts. Just a few words of warning: believe it or not, breastfeeding in public places can be (justifiably) unnerving to those in close proximity to you. Also, be wary of creating “too much” of a bond with your child. If eight years later, you’re still breastfeeding the same child, it’s really time to stop.

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