Cat Derails Hookup in BBDO’s ‘What Cats Want’ for Sheba Perfect Portions

By Erik Oster 

A cat intrudes on an amorous couple with just a glance in BBDO’s “What Cats Want,” promoting Mars cat food brand Sheba’s Sheba Perfect Portions product, which the agency introduced last year with “Snap, Peel, Slurp, Purr.”

When a man brings a woman back to his apartment, things start to get heated. But then his hungry cat makes eye contact and he can’t help but stop making out and stumble to the kitchen, pants around his ankles, to feed his famished feline friend. The spot ends with the tagline “What Cats Want.”

As far as cat food spots go, this one is definitely on the memorable side. Leveraging humor around the situation, it also manages to show the product’s selling point, as the man quickly quickly snaps off a container of Sheba Perfect Portions and serves it to the cat mess-free. Efficiency aside, by the time the cat is chowing down, his partner seems about ready to leave. The spot may bring a smile to the faces of cat lovers, but the she remains unamused.

BBDO also released a print ad as part of the campaign (see below), featuring the line “Love means never having to say ‘leftovers.'”SHEBA_What Cats Want_Print_Summer 2016