Carmichael Lynch, Mekanism Prank Sasquatch for Jack’s Links

By Erik Oster 

Carmichael Lynch and Mekanism collaborated on the latest addition to Jack’s Links’ “Messin’ With Sasquatch” campaign, which has been running since 2006.

For the campaign, the two agencies worked with YouTube influencers The Dudesons, Kevin Brueck and PrankvsPrank, who will produce sponsored content for the brand, in addition to the campaign’s three broadcast spots. Each of the 30-second spots follows the familiar formula of people pranking Sasquatch, only to suffer brutal retaliation. In “Wedding” (featured above), a couple tells Sasquatch to lean in to smell the flowers on the cake, pushing the mythical beast into the cake. This, of course, is not a wise decision and Sasquatch has the last laugh. Other spots show pranksters enticing Sasquatch with a quarter glued to the pavement and a tree sap-soaked Frisbee that sticks to his fur (I’m sensing an adhesive theme). Additional pranks from the YouTube influencers are expected in the coming weeks.

“The Internet is filled with user-generated videos where fans reenact some of our most popular ads,” explained Kevin Papacek, Jack Link’s director of marketing, in a statement. “Working with popular YouTube influencers who love the Jack Link’s brand, eat our products and also live for playing pranks…well, that’s just a natural progression of how our fans personalize our ad campaign.”