Carmichael Lynch Goes on Canine Adventure for Subaru

By Erik Oster 

Carmichael Lynch launched a new spot for Subaru, directed by Biscuit Filmworks’ Noam Murro, following one man’s “Dream Weekend” with his 14-year-old dog.

The “Dream Weekend” of the title refers to the man’s canine companion, as he carefully checks off items from a list he composed of things that would make the dog happy. It’s a bittersweet spot, since the “14” cake at the beginning reveals the dog’s age and the fact that behind the man’s sweet actions is the knowledge that his canine companion is not long for this world. Sort of like a doggy bucket list. Among the gifts the man gives his dog on the road trip are a dip in the hotel pool, a pair of new shoes to chew on, 100 tennis balls, a steak dinner and a visit to an old girlfriend. It’s hard to imagine dog lovers not being at least a little moved by the sentimental spot, which gels well with Subaru’s “Love, it’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru” tagline and overall brand message. Carmichael Lynch has created its fair share of sentimental, bittersweet stories of parental love, like the recent “Making Memories,” this time around changing pace by extending the approach to a man’s love for his dog, which makes for a relatable and emotional spot.


Ad Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman
Exec. Creative Director (Pre-Pro): Randy Hughes
Writer/Group Creative Director: Dean Buckhorn
Art Director / ACD: Brad Harrison
Director of Integrated Production: Joe Grundhoefer
Senior Executive Content Producer: Brynn Hausmann
Director of Business Affairs: Vicki Oachs
Senior Project Manager: Lu Prinsen
Talent Payments Specialist: Jennifer Knutson
Group Account Director: Brad Williams
Account Director: Adam Craw
Account Supervisor: Kate Moret
Account Manager: Greta Hughes
Product Information Manager: Robert Ar
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Noam Murro
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Colleen O’Donnell
Producer: Jay Veal
Production Supervisor: Jennifer Berry
Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Stewart Reeves
Producer: Angela Dorian