Canadian Agency Tells Clients Why Things Are So Much Cheaper Up North

By Patrick Coffee 

Generally speaking, no one should think about moving to Canada for fear of Donald Trump actually winning the 2016 election. If you go on a talk show or social media platform and promise to do that, you’ll just end up looking like an idiot.

Canadian agency Lg2 has a better reason to visit the Great White North: things are just less expensive up there.

The Canadian dollar is at an all-time low compared to our own George Washingtons. This fact undoubtedly has something to do with Justin Trudeau, but Lg2–which is Canada’s largest indie agency at the moment–would like to demonstrate how the trend could benefit American marketers.

That was kind of funny, but we need someone to demonstrate exactly how 35% more strategy services would benefit a given client. Must create at least one chart.

Beyond this video, the agency has also created a microsite which really just consists of a calculator that can only do one thing: multiply the budget total you enter by 1.25. It also helpfully reminds us that the sun is always shining in Canada and provides a link to case studies of work that Lg2 has done for such clients as Nike and some other brands we’ve never heard of.

For the record, we still don’t get what gives all these Canadian agencies the time to make satirically self-promotional campaigns, web series and fake homepages rather than producing marketing campaigns for clients. Maybe their dollar really does go that much further.

We don’t know how well the stunt above will work, but we do hear clients like to save money.


Agency: Lg2
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