Canadian Agency Hires a Hype Man to Alleviate Zoom Fatigue

By Kyle O'Brien 

With many people spending the last year or more working from home, the constant strain of Zoom and other video meetings has created “Zoom fatigue.” To combat that technology malaise, Canadian agency One Twenty Three West decided to hire a hype man to get people more engaged online, and to recruit a few good employees as well.

The Vancouver agency decided to create a fictional new role to catch the attention of potential hires as they scrolled through social feeds. Enter the One Twenty Three West “Booster,” whose sole purpose is to show up to digital brainstorms, internal meetings, presentations and client meetings to pump up the energy, praise ideas and lift his colleagues’ spirits.


For the role, One Twenty Three West turned to CY Iwanegbe, a fitness trainer and wellness coach who has trained for years with One Twenty Three West’s founder, CEO and president, Scot Keith. The mockumentary Zoom film was shot at One Twenty Three West’s Vancouver office, kicking off with a surprise Booster session during the all-agency Monday morning meeting. Iwanegbe will continue with the team in a series of remote training and wellness sessions.

“Boosting is here to change the culture…we’re going to thrive through this process,” Iwanegbe says in the video. Another employee doesn’t have quite the enthusiasm for the new position, stating: “It sounds like something the creative team asked for.”

The video ends by listing what positions One Twenty Three West is hiring for, including animators, UI/UX designers, art directors, copywriters, strategists, producers and account supervisors.