Canada Gets ‘Flogos’, Calls them ‘Fidolls’

By Matt Van Hoven 

It’s late, we’re tired, watch the video. Oh wait, it doesn’t explain anything. In that case, the flogos (flying logos) seen in the video above are for an annual shindig in Toronto called ‘Fido Sessions.’

Big white dolls are “going up on top of the Burroughes Building, also Queen West, Toronto. Fido Sessions are a quarterly series of events promoting art, travel and design put on by Fido, a Canadian wireless company.”

We will say that for as cool as flogos are, it’s somewhat disconcerting to be driving along, driving along, and then all of a sudden there’s a light drizzle and a friggin’ lump of man-shaped soap lands on the hood of your car as you cruise down the highway at 60 mph (or 90 kph if we had been in Canada). Whatevs, we don’t live where there’s highways anymore, and therefore won’t concern ourselves with such trivial issues. Way to go, Canada.