Camp+King Ushers in ‘The New Era of Proud’ for Sacramento Kings

By Erik Oster 

San Francisco-based agency Camp+King recently launched a rebranding campaign for the Sacramento Kings (an assignment the agency won in January following a review), built around a 60-second spot entitled “The New Era of Proud.”

The spot captures a man reorganizing his wall of Sacramento Kings memorabilia. As he moves each item, audio of an event associated with the item plays over the piano-driven background music. Over the course of the spot it becomes clear that the man is clearing space for a new item, revealed to be a poster featuring the team’s new logo (also created by Camp+King).

While nothing groundbreaking, the approach makes sense for a sport franchise rebranding. It manages to celebrate the past while looking toward the future of the franchise and announcing the dawning of a new era. So while the dramatic piano score may be a bit cliche, matching up the fan’s memorabilia with audio clips is a nice way to stoke nostalgia among fans of the team before the big reveal and the tagline is solid. We’re not sure we’re too into that new logo, though, particularly the font in “Kings,” but we suppose the fans will have plenty to say on the matter.

“This spot is as much about civic pride as it is about a beloved team,” Camp+King partner and CEO Jamie King told LBB. “Like any American city, Sacramento has seen its share of ups and downs, but this basketball team has been a constant in the lives of its residents for the past 31 years. And our agency is proud to help showcase that.”