Campbell Mithun Announces ‘Lucky 13 Internship’ Winners

By Bob Marshall 

Happy Friday the 13th, the second of three we’ll be enjoying during the last year of Earth’s existence! If you’ll recall, on Friday, January 13th, Minneapolis-based shop Campbell Mithun announced the 2012 edition of its “Lucky 13 Internship,” a contest where applicants from around the country to apply for an coveted summer internship using only 13 tweets.

From nearly 400 applicants from 33 states, 16 countries and 103 colleges/universities, Campbell Mithun has selected its winners/Twitter handles:

1. Dennis Bukowski (@DennisBukowski), art director, University of Nebraska
2. Laura Fitzpatrick (@_Lfitzpatrick_), account planning, University of Minnesota
3. Marlena Jordan-Childress (@LenaChild), media, University of Minnesota
4. Cody Levin (@CodyLevin), account planning, University of St. Thomas
5. Sofia Morales (@sofiml2), account management, University of North Carolina
6. Laura Romer (@rahrahromer), copywriter, University of Texas, Austin
7. Michael Santee (@MichaelSantee), media, Drake University
8. Amy Zhong, media, University of California – Berkeley (Amy joins the team via the 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Internship Program)

Congrats to the winners, and enjoy your Minneapolis experience. Congrats is also due to Cornerstone, a local non-profit that will be receiving pro bono work from the agency as the social media winner of a cause-marketing effort that was new to the Lucky 13 Intership this year. Hear from three of the internship winners on Campbell Mithun’s blog here.