Campbell Ewald Wants Your Help Naming Baby Falcon

By Ella Riley-Adams 

Either Detroit’s Campbell Ewald office doesn’t have enough to do, or they’ve really become besotted by the baby Peregrine falcon on their roof. Probably a bit of both. Several years ago, a C-E employee built a nesting box on the roof of the office in hopes that a pair of falcons would land. Two lucky birds made a fortuitous choice, and the team has since been tracking the eggs, and now junior falcons. We reported on the resulting campaign back in May.

One of the young’uns didn’t make it, but the surviving baby is beginning to flap her little wings. Now she needs a name, and CE is asking her devoted fans to submit their favorites. The deadline for submission is Monday, June 10, after which time the CE team will vote to determine the winner. A $1,000 donation will be made to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in honor of the person who suggests the winning name.

This bird is rare and adorable and fluffy, so you better do her justice. Check up on her progress at Campbell Ewald’s dedicated Tumblr. [Ed: And yes, we are looking into the tips we’ve been receiving about said agency]