California Walnuts Will Improve Test Scores, According to Grey Shanghai Spot

By Erik Oster 

Grey Shanghai launched what is very likely the strangest ad you will ever see for California Walnuts, with the K-Pop inspired music video ad
“Recess for the Mind,” aimed at the Chinese youth market. Yes, you read that correctly, a music video for walnuts.

The nearly three minute ad touts the brain-boosting powers of walnuts with a catchy tune featuring such classic lines as “California Walnuts…kakakakakakaka/Boost brainpower, score higher…kakakakakakaka” and “Brain cells, brain cells jumpstarting quickly.” It opens on some struggling students receiving failing test scores. Walnuts are launched into the classroom, and a girl group known as Recess Princess magically emerges, delivering the feel-good walnut anthem of the summer and promising “Better marks and no more worried family.” Just try to get this one out of your head.