Buying Red Stripe Will Result in Bodega Symphony…Well, for a Few Lucky Londoners

By Kiran Aditham 

Sorry for sitting on this all day, but we’ve come to realize that we’re once again hitting the holiday skids, so we need some end of day uplift with this effort from KesselsKramer, which just recently opened an outpost in L.A.’s Chinatown. Here, folks on a random day in London’s East End were treated to a lovely, condiment, soda and whatever you have-based cacophony after trying to make their way in purchasing some Red Stripe. Yeah, who the hell needs Skrillex after all, just enjoy this Jamaican-tinged jammy and be jealous next time you’re buying soda, beer, a lotto ticket or corn chips in your pajamas at 2AM. Credits after the jump.

Client: Red Stripe

Brand Manager:

David Graham


Agency: KesselsKramer

Creatibe Director: Dave Bell

Creatives: Emma Morton and Howard Green

Agency Producer: Suzanne Schurgers


Digital Production: Stinkdigital

Director: Greg Brunkalla

Executive Producer: James Britton

Creative Director: Gui Seiz

Producer: Giles Johnson

Art Director: Lucy Butler

Editing: Gus Herdman and Ryan Dzierzek

Post production: Ryan Dzierzek and Olof Storm


Creative Technologists: Hirsch & Mann

Creative Technology: Daniel Hirschmann

Creative Technology: Katrin Baumgarten