Butterflies Sting Like Bees in Qualcomm Viral

By Kiran Aditham 

Seeing as it’s April Fool’s and all, it seems like The Viral Factory picked an apt time to launch this effort for Qualcomm’s color e-reader Mirasol, which has a display that supposedly mimics how butterfly wings reflect color.

With fluttery inspiration in tow, TVF released the second clip in the campaign earlier this week that shows a hapless chap being attacked and swept away by butterflies. Now, the end game comes in the form of an emergency press conference (above), which features a dour Qualcomm rep explaining how these events took place, a bitter butterfly expert, and of course the inevitable direction to Qualcomm’s Facebook page.

Agency/Prodco: The Viral Factory
Editor: Brady Hollengren
Producer: Cathleen Alexander
Visual Effects: 23D Films & Jeff Wu