Buntin Group, Chinet Team Up to Encourage Real Social Interaction

By Kiran Aditham 

Remember the days when the act of being “social” actually took place in a physical space? Well, Nashville-based agency The Buntin Group wants to get back to that time of getting together in the traditional sense in a new campaign for Chinet, a Kansas-based brand that’s specialized in disposable tableware for weddings, parties and/or holidays since the 1930’s.

The foundation of this Chinet campaign–which, of course, still comes with the hashtag #besocial–rests in a fairly standard TV spot (above) called “Terms” that does have a loud and clear message to share, feed and interact amongst friends and family like you used to. Buntin Group SVP/group creative director Tom Cocke reiterates the campaign message, saying, “Social media can be a great thing, but it’s also resulted in some strange new behaviors that you’d never use in the real world. Like being a jerk to a complete stranger or showing off your plate of food. Nobody does that off the internet.”

Along with the TV ad, the Chinet effort is supported by a half-dozen digital shorts (available online only) that offer tips on how to deter awkward social media behavior in a real-world social environment. See a couple of examples below and yes, we second the comment that pants are not an option but a requirement in a public space.

You can watch the rest of the digital shorts here.


SVP/Group Creative Director: Tom Cocke
SVP/Director of Content Production: Tom Gibney
Sr. Art Director: Andrew Brooks
Associate Content Producer: Allison Duke
Director: Charlie Cole
Production: Charcoal Films
Editing: Filmworkers


Group Creative Partner: Jason Wright
Art Director: Brittany Chapman
Director: Wes Edwards
Production: Ruckus Film
Editing: Filmworkers

Music: Yessian Music