‘Bump a Smoke’ Creators Offer Lovely Response to Philip Morris

By Kiran Aditham 

And the saga continues with “Bump a Smoke,” the fictional app concocted by Miami Ad School Brooklyn whippersnappers Jennine Punzone and Manasvi Abrol. Inspired by the comments of big tobacco brand Philip Morris, the art director and copywriter, respectively, have responded in kind via WordPress. Read below:

June 2, 2011

Team Bump A Smoke
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Philip Morris USA
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Dear Philip Morris,

We read your response to our class project, the “Bump A Smoke” application, here, and wanted to respond directly to you with an apology.

We’re sorry for devising an application that, if real, would help you sell more of your product. Although it’s ironic that you vehemently oppose our work considering you would profit greatly from its existence.

Most of all, we regret overlooking the fact that your product doesn’t need any promotion, as it’s highly addictive.

Also, try to look at the positive side; at least we didn’t pursue our other concepts:

– The search for America’s Loudest Wheezer.
– Record your wheeze- Share it on Facebook, Twitter or save it as a ringtone.
– Bump A Lung – A lung donation program by Philip Morris.

Finally, we wanted to thank you. We are advertising students at Miami Ad School and your critique of our work has put it in front of many prospective employers.

That’s promotion we couldn’t have paid for in cigarettes or any other currency.

Team Bump A Smoke