Bullish Teases ‘Roomba Cats’ Super Bowl Spot for GoDaddy

By Erik Oster 

After sitting out the big game last year, and airing a replacement for the quickly retracted Barton F. Graf 9000 “puppy mill” spot the year prior, GoDaddy will be returning to the Super Bowl this year with an ad from Bullish.

GoDaddy announced it would be ending its relationship with TBWA\Chiat\Day New York last October. TBWA\Chiat\Day had taken over for Barton F. Graf as agency of record following a four-month creative review the previous November. One source claimed at the time that GoDaddy would be taking more of its marketing in-house this year.

For its big game spot, however, the brand is turning to the new agency launched by Deutsch veterans Mike Duda and Brent Vartan last year.

Bullish seems to be picking up where TBWA\Chiat\Day left off in its “Cats in Hats” spot for the brand, with a continued focus on feline hijinks. This time around, the cats in question are riding Roombas rather than sporting headgear.

The teaser spot contains a voiceover saying, “Hey, you guys ever see cats? I love cats. Love cats.” It concludes with the question, “Who cleans up after Internet?” The spot will promote the brand’s new GoCentral website builder and that voiceover is presumably the Internet itself.

Bullish managing partner Brent Vartan told Adweek the spot will “personify the Internet,” and we imagine cats riding Roombas is not a bad place to start with that. “We’re going to have fun showing the internet waking up and starting his day,” he added.