Bud Light Spills Full Super Bowl Spot Starring Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen

By Erik Oster 

Last month, Bud Light teased its Super Bowl spot starring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen, also the first ad from W+K  winning creative duties from BBDO in July. Now, with the Super Bowl four days away, the brand has released the spot in full. 

If you were hoping, after viewing that teaser, that the ad itself would be a good deal funnier, well, we have bad news for you. As expected, the spot finds Rogen and Schumer fronting the “Bud Light Party” in a mock-political approach which sees the pair addressing the country. “They say we’re a nation divided, they say we disagree on everything,” Schumer begins, before the pair point out a few things everyone agrees on, such as Paul Rudd. “You know what else everyone loves?” Rogen asks, emphatically answering with “beer” naturally.  “Nothing brings America together like Bud Light,” he adds, while the duo are riding horses at a rodeo.

It’s worth noting that this message of beer as unifier is coming from Bud Light, whose sister brand ran an ad in last year’s Super Bowl attacking people who actually care about their brews’ taste and aroma as “fussing over” beer. Hypocrisy aside, however, the ad’s attempts at humor (there’s a really stupid “caucus” dick joke in there, for starters) fall completely flat, a real missed opportunity given its stars, not to mention appearances by Paul Rudd and Michael Pena. We’re also not sure the “everyone agrees on Bud Light” approach is the best one for an American light lager brand relying on a divisive (at best) use of adjuncts in the brewing process. 

“The Bud Light Party” launches a campaign for the brand which will continue to parody the American political process through November. It also introduces new packaging created by design firm Jones Knowles Ritchie, which will hit shelves in April.