Brooklyn’s The BAM Connection Launches New Video Unit Led by Jamie Lamm of Fearless Music

By Patrick Coffee 

So, you guys might have heard a few things about the world of video production and post-production in recent months.

Much of it, of course, has been controversial. But on the positive side, quite a few agencies are launching their own video divisions without having to use shady names or dubious bidding practices to stay ahead.

The latest shop to do that is The BAM Connection, the Brooklyn-based agency launched just over three years ago by former Grey executives Rob Baiocco and Maureen Maldari. Its dedicated practice, which will be “focused on all aspects of concepting and producing video,” is called BAM Video, and its led by Jamie Lamm, owner of New York-based production company Fearless Music.

Since its founding in 2004, Fearless has run a 30-minute showcase for indie and other rock bands that airs on Saturday nights at 12:30 on local Fox affiliate WNYW and in syndication across quite a few other markets.

So how will this new offering differentiate the shop?

“BAM Video is not just about how to make a one-off video, but how that video can help build the brand,” said CCO and co-founder Baiocco. “We come at it from more of an ‘agency’ perspective, thinking about how the video works with all elements of a multi-channel, multi-format campaign. We will also use data to help inform our videos, so they start from a smarter place before a frame is shot.”

Beyond your standard ads, the new division looks to create some of that hot video #content for websites, sales films, trade shows, et cetera. BAM Video has already worked with several clients including General Tools, Akorn Consumer Health and The Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of NY, for which it made the following video earlier this summer.

“Pre-production can now develop simultaneously with the concept,” said Lamm regarding his new role. “This is an amazing opportunity to combine emerging video techniques with ruthlessly efficient budgeting. Video is where it’s at. Every brand needs it, and everything gets better with it.”

Now you have to see the sizzle reel, don’t you?

See, BAM doesn’t need to pivot—they’re already there. And they’ve made an infographic about why this needed to happen, in case you didn’t know.