Brooklyn Says “Silicon Alley is Dead”

By Matt Van Hoven 

Last night at Digital DUMBO #12, Carrot Creative lead Mike Germano made a bold statement about the digital industry. “Silicon Alley is dead,” (note: previously we misquoted Germano as having said “Valley”, which changes the story completely) he proclaimed, loudly, in a speech to members of the Brooklyn digital consortium. The meet-up was an opportunity to announce that the DUMBO neighborhood shall here-forth be known as the Digital District, akin to the fashion, theater, financial districts of New York City.

Included in the group are a smorgasbord of digital companies, from to Heeb magazine to Pontiflex and Momtrends. Many of those and more attended last night, each eager to hear Germano’s announce. For more details on that, click here.


An interesting note: for Germano, the relevance of last night’s speech seems to be that the DUMBO neighborhood sees itself as competitive with Silicon Valley’s tech-industry. But let’s not forget the Madison Avenue contingency which, for the better part of the last five years has been trying to piggy-back from small digital communications companies and their creativity, in many cases absorbing these shops into their main units.

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