Brooklyn Blogger: Girl, If Accounts Can Go Up for Review, Why Can’t Our Relationship?

By Kiran Aditham 

In an inspired tale on his blog with an equally inspired name (“Fucking in Brooklyn: Love as a Life or Death Experience”), author Jackie Summers draws comparisons between agency-client relationships and romantic ones.

In the love guru’s rather lengthy, yet eloquent piece called “The Agency Review”, he makes a rather interesting point: Why can’t relationships work with the same “ruthless efficiency” as an account review?

He says, “What if partners could sit each other down and say ‘you went out of your way to persuade me to be with you. Now, you are failing to live up to expectations. There are others who (pointing to heart and/or crotch) desire this, and are willing to do anything, to get what I give to you. I’m putting your account up for review. Please, convince me why I should continue to reward you with my attention, my affection, my love, my sex.'”

In Summers’ tome, the pitch and account win equate to the courtship and the communication/work steps of relationships. If the latter fails, why can’t a lover meet the same fate as an agency for not “demonstrating they are deserving of being rewarded the gift of you?” Heavy stuff, Jackie, but who are we to give away his whole discourse? Read for yourself.

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