Animator Cyriak Makes Fiat 500s Dance to the Beat in 60th Anniversary Short

By Patrick Coffee 

We don’t really know whether you guys will be impressed by this effort for Fiat from London agency krow communications and surrealist animator Cyriak, given that you tend to criticize pretty much everything.

But today is Friday and we found it mesmerizing, so here you go.

On the film above, it’s a history of the Fiat 500 ranging from the original to this year’s 60th anniversary edition. Plus the breaker/parkour guy and the dancing cars.


It debuted at yesterday’s Geneva auto show. Here’s the corporate quote:

“We wanted to launch a set of activities to celebrate our ‘Forever Young’ icon and this film was conceived to sum up what makes this icon a never-ending myth, always reinventing itself, but also staying true to itself. Moving through the decades and crossing countries, the original Cinquino has evolved whilst always being capable of setting trends, gathering people, celebrating art and pop art, expressing joy and happiness.”

And krow ECD Nick Hastings, who led creative on the project along with Georg Thesmann, Al Welsh and James Sinclair, wrote, “For 60 years the Fiat 500 has had an engaging style and as its gorgeous looks have evolved, that twinkle in the eye has stayed the same. Cryriak’s surreal and irreverent creations perfectly capture what the 500 has been, and always will be.”

If the name Cyriak sounds familiar to you, it’s because he’s the filmmaker who got blatantly ripped off by McDonald’s for a Brazilian ad by Sao Paulo’s DPZ&T.

Despite the production company’s plans to “look into that,” Cyriak tells us that nothing ever came of it. The lesson here, then, is that you can steal other people’s work without consequence. Happy Friday!