Brit Court Issues Writ via Twit

By Kiran Aditham 

A U.K. High Court judge redefined the term “you got served” by issuing what’s being reported is the first-ever injunction via Twitter.

The target: an anonymous Tweeter who runs the micro-blog page alleging that it was impersonating right-wing blogger Donal Blaney, the owner of UK firm Griffin Law.

In a statement to Reuters, Dr. Konstantinos Komaitis of Strathclyde University’s law faculty says, “I think this is a landmark decision to issue a writ via Twitter. You are creating a precedent that people will be able to refer to. It only takes one litigant to open the path for others to follow.”

This “landmark” case of course brings to light the numerous amount of Twitter impersonators that abound, but it’d be far-fetched to think that this will bring about broad, sweeping changes. At least we know Ashton is fo’ real.

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