Brett Ratner, DDB And Michael Phelps Do Tom Cruise

By SuperSpy 

Brett Ratner, the astounding auteur behind such films as the Rush Hour series starring Jackie Chan and the bastardization of a great comic book, X-Men: The Last Stand, is now creating ads for Activision.

The new ad campaign is for Guitar Hero and is a play on Tom Cruise‘s seminal underwear scene in “Risky Business.” According to the press release, the first spot will feature Tony Hawk, Yankee Alex Rodriguez, total spokewhore Michael Phelps, and natch, Kobe Bryant. It’s almost too much right? Like, all these dudes look too corny for words, but at least Kobe’s got some moves.

The commercials were produced by advertising agency DDB and H.S.I. Productions. Rah.

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