BrandWeek’s Top Marketers of the Year…and You’re Not One of Them

By Matt Van Hoven 

Just three short months after being named CMO of MillerCoors, Andy England has been given the (prestigious?) title of “Grand Marketer of the Year” from BrandWeek.

On a personal level, we’ve bought more Miller than Coors in the last three months. But we’ve also bought more Tennessee Sour Mash than Miller, Coors, Bud, and all higher beer forms in the last two weeks than in those same three monts. Hmmm…guess we’re not MC’s target audience.

See the full list of winners, after the jump. The above image created by Art Director Andrew Slopes aka “at-slopes”. See more of his stuff, here.

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From BrandWeek:

* Rich Ross, President of Disney Channels Worldwide and Andy Mooney, Chairman of Disney Consumer Products: These two Disney marketers helped Hannah Montana sachet off the TV, onto retail shelves and into every licensed product imaginable.

* Sara Tervo, VP of PR and Event Marketing, Victoria Secret’s PINK: It’s not every day that a pajama party helps lead to $1 billion in sales. Using celebrity endorsements, Sara Tervo created a mega-brand within lingerie powerhouse Victoria Secret’s.

* John Weinstock, VP of Alliance Marketing, LG Electronics USA Inc.: Sleek lines and a slick paint job—a new sports sedan? Try a washing machine. Stressing design in a dullsville category has let LG make its mark in appliances.

* Lisa Walker, VP of Innovation, Campbell Soup: Take the salt out of soup and what do you get? Try hot water. But thanks to a secret trove of sea salt, Campbell saved the taste—and some old-media marketing saved the day.

* Phil Pasci, VP of Consumer Tire Marketing, Bridgestone: Except for auto racing, tires didn’t have much to do with pro sports. That was until Bridgestone’s Phil Pacsi started his marketing engine and landed top hot-rod sponsorships.

* Paul Gitter, President of Consumer Products; Kevin Feige, President of Production; Dan Buckley, President and Publisher, Marvel: When the Zeitgeist caught up with Marvel’s superheroes, this once-bankrupt company found a way to take advantage of it.

* Christopher Keith, Marketing Director for Herbal Essence: Is there really a secret formula for what women want? Ask Chris Keith. His fresh approach was exactly what the brand needed.

* James D. White, SVP and Mike Minasi, Group VP, Marketing, Safeway: Safeway is paving the way for private labels after bringing in CPG talent and adding advertising to promote its store brands. The result may give the store’s vendors nightmares.

* Bob Thibault, President North American Personal Care; Craig Wanous, Senior Brand Manager; Deb Bauer, Marketing Director, Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies Supreme Fit: Huggies had a form-fitting contour that no other diaper brand did. How best to get that message across? A brick, of course.