BP Gets Rebranded by Environmentalists

By Matt Van Hoven 

This is the description that accompanied a video (below) showing a Greenpeace climber replacing the flag on the London BP headquarters with a new one designed by the organization:

BP has a really nice logo, but it doesn’t really suit their dirty business. To me, a shiny green logo doesn’t really suit a company that is responsible for the oil currently gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and onto the beaches of Louisiana, or the company that’s sanctioning environmental disaster by being poised to invest in the Canadian Tar Sands.

So we want to rebrand BP, and this morning we’ve been doing some scoping work for the job. Our climbers have scaled the front of BP’s London HQ to present them with a logo that we think might suit them a little better.

We think the BP logo could do with a makeover, and we’d like you to design a new one to really show what lies behind the logo.

Greenpeace is challenging consumers to look behind BP’s logo and rebrand/redesign it to be more accurate.

Via AnimalNewYork

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