Boyz II Men Recreates the Chili’s Baby Back Ribs Jingle

By Kyle O'Brien 

If you read the words “I want my baby back, baby back, baby back…” you know the tune and you’re now humming one of the most popular jingles of the last three decades. To celebrate the famous Chili’s jingle more than 25 years after it entered popular culture, ’90s hitmakers Boyz II Men released their own rendition of the jingle aptly titled “I Want My Baby Back.”

The group’s harmonizing skills led many to believe they were the original vocalists of the jingle, so finally, Boyz II Men got a chance to give the original a smooth nostalgic makeover. In the hero spot, the trio is seen sitting at a table at Chili’s, saying they will definitely not be singing the jingle. The temptation proves too much, however, and suddenly they rise from the table and sing an R&B ballad version of the tune before launching into the familiar do-wop refrain.


“The original Baby Back Ribs Jingle and our fourth studio album Evolution were both released in 1997. This was an unforeseen connection that bonded us to Chili’s and the jingle that year,” said Boyz II Men in a statement. “It feels natural for us to rerelease the Baby Back Ribs Jingle and pay homage to Chili’s legendary menu item in a nostalgic way. We are excited for our and Chili’s fans to have ‘I Wany My Baby Back’ replaying in their minds for yet another decade.”

The jingle and its ads will run across streaming services, online and social media throughout November. In addition, fans are encouraged to use the “Duet” feature on TikTok to add their own flair to the jingle. There is also a limited-edition vinyl—featuring the Boyz II Men version of the jingle—and a ’90s-inspired Boyz II Men tour t-shirt available for purchase via the Chili’s Online Merch shop.

“We are embracing our history and the things that make Chili’s such a beloved brand,” said Chili’s CMO George Felix in a statement. “This reboot is certainly part of that push as we’re paying respect to the original jingle while having Boyz II Men lend it their Grammy-winning sound. We can’t wait to watch our fans make their own versions of the jingle on TikTok.”

The creative was led by Mischief @ No Fixed Address, with media by Dentsu X and PR by Edelman.