Boulder’s TDA Begs Seagal to Grow Ponytail Back

By Kiran Aditham 

It’s probably not the best time to court Steven Seagal since he’s mired in a sex scandal at the moment, but Boulder-based TDA Advertising is giving it a go anyways.

The firm has crafted an open letter to the bloated action star/”lawman” on behalf of its client Petzl, which develops equipment for mountaineers, rock climbers and such. In it, they’ve asked him to grow his ponytail back and consider endorsing a new Petzl-designed helmet for long-tressed male rock climbers. We’re not sure how well his A&E show is going, but considering that Seagal’s neck-and-neck with Jean Claude Van Damme in putting out straight-to-DVD/basic cable films, we’re thinking the deal couldn’t hurt. The full letter is after the jump.


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