Boston Art Director Kickstarts Custom Guitar Company

By Bob Marshall 

Austin Bousley is a Boston-based art director at Brand Content with a dream.

Now, you might be thinking that, as an art director at a real-life ad agency, there isn’t much more for Bousley to accomplish. However, you are wrong and naive, for even an advertising professional can aspire to more. Bousley’s goal is to own a successful, American-made custom guitar company aptly named “Venture.” In order to turn his dream into a reality, he’s turned to Kickstarter (the adult version of the Make-a-Wish Foundation) and asked his ad friends to give him some cash.

His first custom-design he’s planning to offer to the public, “The Anna-Lee” resembles a classic Fender Telecaster. A $2,000 pledge will make you first in line to own one of these beauties. Why should you believe this guitar sounds as pretty as it looks? Well, Venture guitars has been supplying popular musicians with axes for a while now, with custom models currently being used by Dallas Green (City and Colour) and Steve Klein (New Found Glory). Visit the Anna-Lee Kickstarter page to pledge your contribution.