Bonfire’s Online Spot for Ricoh Gets Move to Broadcast

By Erik Oster 

Creative content agency Bonfire Labs is taking its online video “Beauty Is All Around” from the Internet to broadcast, at the request of client Ricoh.

Ricoh tasked Bonfire Labs with creating engineering a tagline, website, concept/inspirational video, and a how-to video for the worldwide launch of their new camera Theta, which shoots a 360 degree spherical image. For the concept video, Bonfire secured a large studio to serve as a blank canvas for muralist Sirron Norris. For two days, Norris prepped and painted the space, while the Theta captured the process with in time-lapse fashion, with the assistance of a tiny robot (called the roboTap3000).

“The creative behind our concept video revolved around capturing time-lapse images with the Ricoh product, but the product didn’t have the capability to do that,” explains Bonfire Labs creative technologist Phil Spitler. “I needed to find a way to automatically capture moments in time as the mural developed. So I designed and built the ‘roboTap 3000’ to allow us to achieve our creative vision.”

The resulting video (featured above) which debuted on September 5, 2013, was such a success that Ricoh has asked Bonfire to cut 30 and 60-second versions for television audiences both domestically and in Japan.” Our team will assure the broadcast creative makes as much of an impression on audiences as the longer online version did,” promises Jim Bartel, managing director at Bonfire Labs. The broadcast campaign will launch on ESPN in the U.S. and domestic channels within Japan this Spring.